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June 8, 2012
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Claymore OC: No. 5, Mael by Pixie-van-Winkle Claymore OC: No. 5, Mael by Pixie-van-Winkle
Ok, this is my entry for :iconclaymore-force: contest “Create your OC”
So, this is my OC Mael, claymore number 5 during Isley´s generation.
He´s actually an awakened being, but since it has been shown how male´s uniforms were, I wanted to give it a try , and drew him as he looked like when he was still being a claymore. Also, I tried to emulate the style of the anime :meow:

Well, some details about him.

Name.- Mael
Etymology.- “Mael” is a Celtic name which means “prince” or "leader"
Nickname.- “The Hidden”
Gender.- Male
Height.- 180cm
Rank.- 5 (former)
Generation. - 1rst (Isley´s generation)
Type.- Defensive
Special technique.- Yoki sense/manipulation
Fate/Status.- Awakened, alive.

Rating (as Claymore)
Yoki.- A
Agility: B+
Muscular Strength: B+
Spirit: B+
Perception: A+
Leadership.- A

Rating (as awakened being)
Yoki.- SSS
Agility.- SSS


Human Appearance
In his “human” form (after awaken) he appears as a young man with long and reddish brown hair, which form messy bangs over his forehead. He also has blue eyes and a big scar across his right cheek.

Awakened Form
As an awakened being, his form is similar to a werewolf about 3 meters tall.

Even after his traumatic past, he is joyful and kind most of the time, sometimes even can seems a bit immature, but he can be very thoughtful if the situation really requires it.
After awaken and guided by his curiosity, he acquired a certain taste for human comforts and life style, so usually lives among humans, trying to be inconspicuous about his alimentation habits, and staying only for short periods of time on each place to avoid being detected and using his youki sense to keep himself away from the warriors of the organization.

When he was a kid, he saw his family being killed by a yoma. His mind blocked itself after that, loosing almost all the memories about his short human life.
After that, the people of his town abandoned him, being quickly found by slavers. The scar over his face was made by one of the slavers, as a punishment for treating to escape of them. Finally the slavers sold him to the organization for its experiments.
During his time as a trainee, he occupied a cell located exactly in front of Isley´s cell, who was the first one who talked to him in a “normal” way after a long time of being nothing but “merchandise”. He always followed and admired Isley after that.
As a claymore, the abilities who gave him his rank, were his speed and leadership, but principally his huge capability of read/manipulate youki, becoming the first “eye” of the organization and acquiring the nickname of “The Hidden” because he was able to locate the enemies much before they could even discover him.
Among the five highest ranks, he was the first who awakened. When he felt he was near to his limit, he sent his black card, and the organization sent a small group to take ride of the situation, but he awakened before that and killed his comrades.
Unlike most of his comrades, and despite his admiration for Isley, he didn´t joined to Isley´s awakened beings army, mostly because of his nomad lifestyle, but he regularly goes back to the north lands to visit Isley and keep him a bit informed about the situation and movements of the warriors and other awakened beings across the continent.

Damn, I´m really, really terrible at creating OCs ^^U, wish I could be at least most creative =w=U

But this has been an interesting exercise, I´m sure this may be full of mistakes in a lot of aspects, but I´m still working on it :iconrocketpunchplz:

Well, that´s all by the moment I think :dummy:, wish me luck please ^w^
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shifter124 Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Interesting. Clap  This is honestly the first time I've seen a male claymore in the standard issue gear.
Yush, thanks a lot! X3
I used the extra scene 5 from the manga as a reference for the uniform :meow:
Cool OC i like the way the Male Warriors look in the Manga, i wish Yagi would do a story about Male Warriors.
Im currently attempting to make a profile for a Male Claymore Idea ive had, he was the first Male No.1 before Isley, only for a ashort time though, and his name is Achill which means "he who embodies the grief of the people" :)
Thanks a bunch!! :la:
I know right? :la:
It would be awesome if at least we could see some more special chapters featuring the male generation.
I like how they look in the manga, and also I think there´s a lot of unsolved questions about the first claymores generation :la:
That´s an interesting idea, I also think that there could have been more than 47 male warriors during the first generation, maybe the men of the organization tried to replace the awakened warriors during a short period of time, until they decided to stop the creation of male claymores :nod:
Yout Welcome!!.

I would like to see an extra scene on the other No.1's that werent revived. I would love to see Lutecia and Sistina i bet theyre awesome, ive made profiles for them but i would like to see how Yagi makes them!

I do think there were more Male warriors than females during their first generation. I think well see some more male warriors though Because Chronos and Lars have been ntroduced so maybe well get a flashback :3 (im hoping)
avellante Jun 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
¡wwahhh poderoso! :headbang: :iconoooohplz:
y este personaje es creacion tuya? , pues te felicito :nod:, creeme que crear un personaje no es facil, si quieres consejo en ello te recomiendo a :icongrifiroh: alias el señor greif el tambien a diseñado sus propios personajes, para un cuento llamado "los absurdos imaginarios" el te puede ayudar mucho en todo esto de los OC.
y si el dibujo es para un concurso, seguro que ya lo tienes ganado :winner:
ahh y gracias por todos los ultimos favs que me has dejado :aww:
Hehehehe, de verdad muchísimas gracias Avella-kun :iconblushplz:
Y sep, yo lo diseñé ^^, no soy muy buena con eso de los personajes, así que creí que sería una buena oportunidad de practicar un poco, no tanto por querer ganar ni nada de eso, sino sólo para divertirme un poco :D
Muchísimas gracias por la recomendación, checaré el trabajo del artista ^w^
Y de nada, sólo lamento no haber tenido mucho tiempo últimamente para comentar a gusto ^^;
avellante Jun 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
jej no prbo, por cierto si ya arreglaste tu compu, ya pudiste ver los ultimos que te mande:?
y ojala te puedas ver este:[link] si lo puedes ver seguro lo vas a disfrutar juajaja :iconburnsplz: :evillaugh:
(y mi novia me lo mostro por primera vez XD)
Jajaja, pues muchas gracias por el nuevo link, pero sigo sin recuperar mi compu, y para como van las cosas no se ve que vaya a ser pronto T^T
Traté de verlo en el celular, pero dice que no hay disponible una versión del video para el móvil o algo así ;^;
Aún así guardaré el link y lo veré luego, gracias ^w^
lilittu Jun 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
has creado un personaje genial :D:D:D
me encanta como dibujaste los pies, tan bien definidos y proporcionados :D
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